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development + planning

TRACHTENBERG /// offers the following services to Developers and Land owners that are looking to buy, develop, sell, or just exploring opportunities. Services are offered in a flexible and adaptable model that will serve any budget and ambition level; an a-la-carte approach to the package provides items as ad-on services with future expandability and no commitments to full design unless warranted.

The Objective

• Understand site potentials through a comprehensive analysis.
• Determine best site use, opportunity, intensity.
• Provide client with all the necessary tools to take the potential development to the next level.

Who is this for?
• Developers looking to buy land.
• Developers looking to sell land.
• Land owners exploring the possibility of development.

/// LEVEL 01

Initial phase to explore and understand site potentials through a comprehensive analysis of the zoning and building code, specific to the site(s) in question. This level provides the client with the base information that will describe the maximum site potential and the framework for design and development.

// Deliverables (zoning and building code - site specific analysis)
General massing
Zoning restrictions
Area calculation (sellable/common/parking)
Floor to floor height concept

/// LEVEL 02

This level describes through plans and sections a more detailed understanding of the site through a massing breakdown. Internal to the massing with site specific intensity / quantity calculations.

// Deliverables
Detail massing based on program (core/unit area/amenities area/ parking)
Unit quantity
Parking requirements - based on intensity and use.
Detail area calculation (based on intensity)
Conceptual floor plan and section
Internal program allocation

/// LEVEL 03

A-la-carte pre concept design phase, based on client needs; Level 3 ranges from product imagery to unit layout and sets up a base framework for the concept design.

• In-house thematic renderings (trees/people/sky)
- Overview
- Pedestrian level/access

• Site specific program representation additional
- Typology imagery (based market study/analysis.) Specific to target market.

• Unit and parking strategy based on quantity and size
- Unit layout package with structure concept Scale typically at 1/16”=1’-0”
- Parking layout and parking structural concept Scale typically at 1/16”=1’-0”

• Professional rendering
- Setup, Coordination and Management

• Graphic/sales/pitch e-brochure package
- Look and feel, material, details, textures, reference imagery, copy, kitchen/bathroom/amenities, references, marketing floor plans.

• Soft cost Calculations
- Consultants fees, Developer fee, Sales costs, etc.