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architecture + design

Trachtenberg, LLC is a full service forward thinking architecture, design and development practice that specializes on all scales in progressive spatial and contextual designs. Our practice offers a highly focused innovative experience to all our clients through a full inclusion of the latest digital technology, sustainable design ideals, and an international award winning design background.

Trachtenberg Design Philosophy
All ideals are founded on the attentive analysis of both the project and client's needs including program, operation, budget and schedule. Our mission is to conceive creative design solutions that address the functional requirements of our client's yet go beyond to create an environment containing beauty and civic value. Our design method is one of constant investigation, seeking innovative and appropriate applications of new forms, materials and technologies. At the same time, this approach involves an economy of means, both aesthetically and materially, while staying committed to socially responsible design with respect for environment, community and urban context.

Digital Technology
Our practice specializes on architecture and design through digital technology. From conception, each project is developed through a precise 3D digital environment that becomes the key ingredient to communicating both initial concepts and long term objectives. We streamline understandings from project stakeholders to effectively present visual understanding through renderings, images, physical models, contextual diagrams, and 2D drawings.

In addition to architectual design and administration, our practice supports the needs of our clients across a wide range of services that include conceptual design, program/ site analysis/ feasibility, programming, project vision concepts, education, 3-D modeling, branding and marketing/graphic, advertisement design.